Effortless · Collaborative · Communication

Complicated forms and detailed information collection can be a major problem for many organizations. They can cripple the operation and growth of your business. They can also be responsible for losing customers.

With a single click, Now Solutions Group's EASX™ technology enables your customers to connect to you, via telephone and internet browser, simultaneously. It's a coordinated, interactive experience. You can collect data, collaborate on forms and give complex presentations without a single software download or installation. No peripherals, such as web cams, microphones, or speakers are necessary. Just use your web browser to conduct a phone and web interaction controlled by you – in real time. No typing web addresses, dialling numbers, or navigating phone prompt systems.

Your customer receives a link. We do everything else. It's that simple.

Feature Highlights

Real time collaboration and document sharing
No software required
Digital recording of all interactions (data and voice)
Easy to implement and use
Integrated scheduling

Key Benefits

Improved compliance value
Improved quality and accuracy of data
Improved conversions
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