Management Team


Fulvio Ciano, Chief Executive Officer

Fulvio has over 25 years of ‘hands on’ experience in the software and computer technology fields with an in depth knowledge of both digital consumer products development and deployment, as well business-to-business telecommunications services. He brings an expertise of e-commerce implementations from the ground up including web based financial transactions systems. He has executive management experience in businesses ranging in size from 10-300 employees in both private and public global companies and has managed development teams ranging in size from 3 to 60 engineers and developers. Fulvio is a confident and poised leader as well as effective corporate spokesperson with a proven track record of results and performance. He is committed to building long-term relationships with customers, partners, staff and executives.

Chris Curtis, Chief Technology Officer

Chris began his career 28 years ago in the City of London financial district, trading and broking in the bond and derivatives markets. 16 years later he relocated to Canada, transitioning to the emerging IT sector and quickly assuming management responsibilities as a lead programmer and then CTO.

As the technology founder for NowSolutionsGroup, his understanding of programming methodologies and business process management has resulted in an innovative analysis of real-world problems, leading to the patent-protected technology now being rolled out accross multiple vertical markets.

Adam Simpson, Chief Marketing Officer

Adam has over seventeen years of professional experience in interactive media and web technology solutions. He was the co-founder of DN Media Group, a collective of digital media professionals and pioneers focused on the strategic development of corporate, national brand communications and marketing for businesses in Canada and abroad. He’s provided innovative solutions to a variety of diverse of clients from around the world, offering him a unique perspective to different business climates and cultures. He’s had the pleasure of working with such notably diverse organizations as Toshiba Canada, HBC, LCL, Church & Dwight, Wal-Mart, the Marshall McLuhan Institute, the Heart & Stroke Foundation, the Conservative Party of Canada, Blizzard Entertainment and Microsoft . He also has several digital entertainment titles to his credit.

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