Education is the transmission of civilization.
–Will Durant

Now Solutions Group has developed the CertifyAssist solution to help students, academic bodies, businesses and organizations go beyond instruction and learning over the internet and conduct remote certification of skills and aptitudes without special equipment or facilities.

CertifyAssist is the first fully platform agnostic, seamless, on-demand and interactive certification and testing process solution requiring no plug in, software downloads, security or configuration modifications.

What can CertifyAssist do for you?

CertifyAssist can provide the following benefits to your organization:

On-demand Certification

Enables students to request and educators to provide testing for certification as soon as the student is ready.

Variety of testing formats

Oral, true/false, multiple choice, select, essay and random selection from larger set.

Digital recording of the entire certification

All interactions during the certification session are digitally recorded and time stamped both by telephone and the system, ensuring that they can be retrieved and reviewed easily.

Improved quality and accuracy of data

Online tools improve the quantity and accuracy of data collection, reducing test completion times, and ensuring successful data collection.

ID verification

By ID/password, voice print biometric identification, cell phone registration and random challenging during testing.

Location verification

By IP, contact number zone, cell zone




Increases productivity

Time saving

Easy to use


Time saving

Easy to use


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