Almost every aspect of the financial service industry requires detailed forms and compliant business processes. As many more financial products and services become available remotely, customers need more assitance filling forms and meeting compliance needs. Often their financial service provider may not have an agent or a branch available to them in their area.

Now Solutions Group has developed FinancialAssist and MortgageAssist as complete solutions to aid customers, banks, leasor, credit card providers and brokerage companies with their business process management and the completion of detailed applications and forms while improving compliance and quality of service.

What can FinancialAssist and MortgageAssist do for you?

Our products can provide the following benefits to your organization:

Expanded Product Deployment

Provide more products and services on-line to customers without shipping forms or sending representatives for face to face visits.

Enforced compliance value

Digital Click Signing and smart-form logic ensure that applicants must be prompted for consent during specified sections of application forms.

Improved quality and accuracy of data

Online tools improve the quantity and accuracy of data collection, reducing application completion times, and ensuring successful form completion.

Digital recording of the entire customer application experience

All interactions are digitally recorded and time stamped both by telephone and the system, ensuring that they can be retrieved and reviewed easily.

Increased conversions and product upgrading

FinancialAssist improves customer product application conversion rates through data accuracy and convenience. It also enables agents to upsell product additions and upgrades.


Financial Companies


Increases productivity
Reduced need for face to face interaction
Time saving
Easy to use
Time saving
Easy to use
Alleviates complexity
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