More and more organizations are discovering that customer service is a critical element in their sales and overall success, especially with increasing global competition for retail customers both tradition and online.

Now Solutions Group’s sales solutions bring together the benefits of online sales with the service quality and the satisfaction of face to face interaction.

What can sales solutions powered with EASX™ do for you?

EASX™ technology can provide the following benefits to your organization:

Solicit more sales opportunities

Enables you to solicit sales sessions by email, phone or directly from a website.

Present the benefits of your products and services with multimedia

Use print, audio, video and presentation content to promote and sell your product or service.

Digital recording of the entire sales experience

All interactions during the sales session are digitally recorded and time stamped both by telephone and the system, ensuring that they can be retrieved and reviewed easily.

Convert more sales

Improves customer conversion rates through a simplified assisted purchase process allowing better data collection with improved accuracy and convenience.

Increase product up sales and upgrades

Enables agents to identify opportunities to up sell product additions and upgrades seamlessly as part of the order process.




Increases productivity

Increases sales

Time saving

Easy to use


Time saving

Easy to use


Alleviates complexity

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