After 3 years of innovation, research and development, NOW solutions group has launched the first fully platform agnostic, seamless, on-demand and interactive business process solution dubbed EASX. Our proprietary patent pending solution is the best way to increase conversion, compliance, save time and improve customer satisfaction.

Our hard work has now made it easy for businesses to sell and provide exceptional service to their customers. No software downloads, plug-ins, security modifications or configuration is required to immediately, on demand, assist prospects or customers with your business process. EASX offers powerful business process management (BPM) that integrates information, process and people in an adaptive, rapidly deployed environment encompassing your entire BPM life-cycle from design to deployment and optimization.

Interact on a browser and/or phone call in a completely audit-able and compliant easy to use environment. EASX is an ideal and elegant solution for human centric business process management resulting in increased conversion, time saving, and positive customer experience.

While this written explanation provides a high level understanding of EASX it’s full potential can only be experienced through a brief live demonstration that can be scheduled by clicking here.

Technology Features

Face to face capability for applicant advisor meetings
Real time control of remote browser content
Digital click signing by the applicant (content specific)
Dynamic business logic features specific to each form
Both HTTP and HTTPS supported
Auto-population features
Full CRM functionality for appointment bookings, call-backs or update of applicant status
Auto-population of applicant data to external CRMs
Session recovery should either advisor or applicant lose internet connection
Digital recording and storage of telephone interaction
Digital recording and storage capability of web form completion
Time validation controls
Form access controls
Geographic controls
Full administration functionality for specific form permissions by user ID
Multi-language support
Multi-platform support, such as a blackberry, I-phone or I-pad
PDF export support


Operating Systems


Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7


Apple Mac

Apple I-Phone

Apple I-Pad

RIM Blackberry

MS IE 6, 7, 8

Firefox for Windows, Linux and Mac

Chrome for Windows

Linux Chrome beta

Safari for Windows, I-Phone and I-Pad

Opera for Windows and Linux


Chrome for android

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